13 de julio de 2012


Bradley Wiggins LO tiene.

Y Fred Perry LO sabe.

Así que Fred Perry y el actual maïllot amarillo del Tour 2012 LO han hecho.

It’s a partnership I could only have dreamed of…..I have been a lifelong fan of the brand, stemming from my following and commitment to the mod movement and what I believe is Fred Perry’s unparalleled relationship with subculture. My goal has been to develop an authentic, non technical range of off cycle wear that is inspired by the best of the sport’s unique heritage – something I am hugely passionate about. Fred Perry offered me that opportunity.
I’ll never forget the buzz when I first heard that Fred Perry were interested in working with me and since we’ve started work it’s clear that I’m going to have the chance to execute many of my and collaborate on some great ranges in the coming seasons.

La pregunta es: ¿realmente qué es lo que proporciona esta colaboración? ¿otro niqui con el laurel en el pecho para la colección de los hipsters de hoy en día? ¿un maïllot vintage actual que recoge la tradición ciclista (no, para eso ya está Rapha que no se inventa colaboraciones inverosímiles)?

¿O estamos a la espera que Iniesta haga una colaboración Joma?